Everyone has their niche. I’ve had the privilege to work with a variety of excellent businesses and individuals over the years, and I wanted to share those with you. If I can’t suit your needs perfectly, I won’t hesitate to suggest a more qualified person to you, and I know I share that integrity with my colleagues below. I frequently update this list, so please check back!

We Speak Visual: Particularly skilled in web development, design, and branding, We Speak Visual has a network of skilled associates (including me) that they rely on for large projects.

Campus Print and Copy: A small print shop with a huge heart. BCIT’s local print shop always amazes me with its quality, attention to detail, and affordable pricing. It is open to serving the community as well as students and has some of the lowest prices I’ve found in the lower mainland.

Still Creek Communications: A wonderful team with many corporate clients, SCC has the breadth to take on the largest of projects and ideas. SCC also has an affiliated print shop, so can assist with projects from beginning to end.

Sheku Nafisi, Graphic Designer & Illustrator: One of the best illustrators I’ve ever worked with, Sheku is a delight. She has an amazing portfolio and is always expanding her talents.

Eric Li Photography: A photographer with a sincere talent, Eric JW Li is personable, enthusiastic, and always looking to try something new. He’s recently invested in a quality drone and takes exceptional aerial photos.

Ann Graham Walker: Ann is an exceptional journalist with a wealth of experience, particularly in medical journals. An avid volunteer, she also has experience working with boards and writing (successful) grant applications.

S Pasielski Design: A local graphic designer with an excellent breadth of work and a wonderful professional attitude. She is skilled at illustration, layout, packaging design, and more.

Daniella Pettenon, Content Writer: While she doesn’t advertise her services, Daniella is an engaging writer skilled in various areas.

Dayna Weststeyn, Photographer: A Wonderful photographer with a background in fashion shoots, Dayna is excellent at creating unique portraits and a master of seamless editing.

Don’t see the right fit here, either? Contact me!*

*The first advisory email or the first 15 minutes of any phone or video chat with me, Shaleeta Harrison, are complimentary, after that, I will need to apply a reasonable fee to my time. I will be sure to tell you before the fees begin to apply and give you the option of concluding our communication. Thank you for your understanding!