Thank you for your interest, but I am not currently taking on new clients.

If you’d like a referral, please contact me, I’m always happy to assist in that capacity.

I will be available again beginning January 2023 with a new selection of services. 


Beta reading is an opportunity for you to send me your manuscript, and get a detailed letter back providing my opinions on it. I will tell you what I love, where I got stuck, and more. 


Copy editing focuses on the technical details, like grammar and spelling. This stage also smooths out the readers experience. This is considered a last pass before proofreading.


If you have a story to tell, or a book to write, but you don’t know where to start, I can help. Ghost writing is most commonly used for memoirs, but it is an option for other styles of writing, as well. 


Proofreading is done after editing has taken place. This is where the minute errors are spotted, like where a sentence has a comma instead of a period, or when there is an o instead of an a. 


This is the first step in editing, and is often called substantive editing. This style of editing focuses on the big picture, and looks at substantial changes.


Do you have a business or a blog, and you need someone to write content for you? Perhaps you want to kick it up a notch, or you just don’t have time anymore. Regardless, I’m available to ensure your audience hears from you.


This is where we work on your writing on a sentence-by-sentence level. This editing makes sure that the small details are consistent, and works to amplify your voice and your intent.


This is basically a very in-depth beta reading. Where in a beta reading I report my opinions, and send you a letter with my thoughts, a critique is much more detailed.

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This is my favorite  service. If you  want to get published, and you need some help, let me know. If you are new to the industry, and want assistance with networking,  I can direct you to the right groups.  Let me know what you need! The first fifteen minutes of any video chat are complimentary.


As I continue building my website, I’ll provide more details about all of my services. For now, please contact me if you’re interested in working with me, or if you just need a bit more clarity. I’m here to help!