• Submittable Is Still There for Publishing´┐╝

    It Just Accomodated Ate the Competition, and is Looking for the Next Snack Submittable simplifies the submission process, keeping both publisher and writer accountable and organized. For the writer, it tracks which pieces have been submitted, where they were submitted, and what the status is (accepted, rejected, in-progress). For the publisher, it compiles all of […]

  • Book Project: Migrate Books

    Known as the most intense course in the program, the book project was truly a wild ride. In this course, small groups are given the names of existing publishing companies and tasked with creating new imprints with specific goals in mind. We’re assured it’s all pretend, but it really doesn’t feel like it. I was […]

  • Welcome Back! It’s Been a While

    Welcome Back! It’s Been a While Hello, folks. I disappeared abruptly in 2020, shortly after the pandemic started. Sorry about that! I, like so many others, just ran out of steam and needed to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Also, I filled up my schedule, so couldn’t take any additional […]

  • 7 Memorable Reads Part 1

    Hi, Folks! I wanted to share a handful of books with you, fresh off of my bookshelf. I think I might do this a few times a year; I would love it if you also share some of yours, or let me know if you liked the same ones that I did. Elizabeth Smart is […]

  • Creating a Career with a BA in Creative Writing

    With a creative writing bachelor of arts degree, I found a job just two weeks after graduation–and it wasn’t in a retail or fast food setting like the jokes suggest. Just fourteen days after shuffling along in a procession of black gown-clad graduates, I took the title of communications manager in a provincial non-profit association. […]